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Watertown Catechetical Board Members
Pastors of Four Parishes

Rev. Christopher Looby ─ Vice President

Rev. John M. Demo

Rev. Jonas Tandayu, MSC

Religious Education Coordinators

Elizabeth Bamann ─ St. Patrick's

Sr. Angelica Rebello SCC ─ Holy Family

Sr. Sahayarani Selvaraj SCC ─ St. Anthony's

Sr. Constance Marie Sylver SSJ ─ OLSH
Program Coordinator

Sr. Diane Marie Ulsamer SSJ


Antoinette Vallone

Parish Representatives

Michael Deline ─ St. Patrick's ─ President

Andrea Garrabrant ─ Holy Family

Randy Belina ─ St. Anthony's

Thomas Reff ─ OLSH

Julie Gould Committee Chairperson
Watertown Catechetical Program Planning Committee
Julie Gould ─ OLSH Chairperson

Sarah Schantz ─ St. Patrick's - Vice Chairperson

Virginia Burdick ─ St. Anthony's

Stephanie Moore ─ St. Anthony's

Patricia Spaziani ─ St. Anthony's

Alice Busler ─ OLSH

Judy Geng ─ Holy Family

Gary West ─ Holy Family

Cathy Deline ─ St. Patrick's

Janice Phelps ─ Interfaith

Kim West ─ Interfaith

Anderson Stenard ─ Program Representative

Francis Scovel ─ Program Representative

Watertown Catechetical Board
Religious Education for People with Disabilities
1 Sterling Place
Watertown, NY 13601